Shit Gringas Say (Part Dos)

This one’s even more hilariously mortifying because I’m ashamed to say that I’ve said close to all of these things!

Click here to watch the first part.

9 thoughts on “Shit Gringas Say (Part Dos)

  1. These videos are so great…I could totally make one about China…but a lot of the phrases would actually be the same! “A whole family, on a motorcycle?!” hahaha…I think this phrase would work in about any Asian country as well! 😉

  2. jajajajajajaja, So funny!! sorry I cant say anything more, but it-s hilarious, how did you find these videos_

  3. Hello I enjoyed reading your blog about Mexico. I have noticed you refer to yourself as a gringa a lot, I just wanted to point out in case you don’t know it already that technically you are not a gringa! since ‘gringo’ is used for “U.S.Americans” and I think you are british!!
    Sometimes the term is extended to refer to anglophones in general, but it is originally reserved only for those from U.S.A.!!
    Just a tip 😉

    • Haha, yeah, thanks, I already know.

      Most of the foreign girls and I used the term ironically when we lived in Mexico or just because we were all quick to be labelled ‘gringas’ by most of the locals anyway. 🙂

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