Happy Birthday, Fy Brawd

Today my brother turns 23.

It’s one of the weird times in our lives where me, him and our baby brother are now officially all into our twenties. And, at the same time, all I imagine when I think of fy brawd are childhood memories.

I remember the Dennis the Menace fanclub. I remember Richard’s World. I remember the JiveBunny Mastermix. I remember the blonde curls that turned dark. I remember glasses of milk that would make his whole body shake. I remember being saved by him when I broke my elbow. I remember the day he snapped and socked his bully in the face.

And then I remember the gap in our lives where all we did was fight.

But that’s okay. Now he’s someone who knows me better than most people in the world. He’s the writer in the family with the talent. He’s the guy in the corner of the group who’ll only speak up to make a hilariously dry remark. He’s the one who’s never afraid to tell me when I’m being exceptionally lame. He’s the one most like me when it comes to politics: Teetering between idealism and realism. He’s the one who doesn’t hug people but always knows I’m going to cuddle him when I can anyway. He’s the fiercely intelligent middle child who doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of him.

I look up to him so much; He’s one of my heroes. And I miss him every day I don’t get to see him or speak to him. (I haven’t seen his face in 298 days. Dude, you need Skype.)

Whatever he decides to do today will be incredible. My 23rd was a combination of bowling, dessert-flavoured shots, multi-coloured hair extensions and naked lapdances. His will be even better.

I wish I could help you celebrate it, fy brawd. I’ve got a hell of a birthday present for you … I’m just sorry it’s not there yet. Nevertheless, I want you do whatever you want to do today and make it the best one yet. Happy Birthday, Penblwydd Hapus and Feliz Cumpleaños! I miss you and love you so much – You’re one of my best friends in the world. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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