Say hola to one of my new housemates! 🙂

I don’t know his/her name yet but until then I think I’m going to call him Raphael after the stubborn brother in Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.

Yesterday I made the move from living with boys in an apartment in Condesa to living with girls in a big house in Roma Sur. I’d been living in Condesa since January, a stunning green area of D.F. full of bars, restaurants and gorgeous little cafés where people walk down the street greeting each other with friendly smiles.

Unfortunately I knew the place was only temporary so began looking for other options two months ago.

Luckily my darling friend, Sara, told me about a room up for grabs in the place she was living.

It’s a beautiful old house converted into two parts (I’m living in the front part; Sara’s in the back) where lots of professional women live together, only occasionally spotting each other running in and out to get to work.

The landlord held a lovely welcome party for the recently-moved in tenants yesterday, full of delicious food, karaoke and sangria, which was a fabulous way to get to know everyone and the neighbours!

There’ll be plenty of photos to come of my new house and new area because not only is the area a stark contrast from the tree-lined streets of Condesa, but the house is so Mexican and so incredibly adorned with trinkets and stuff everywhere! I discover something new every day. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Moved

    • Haha. Yeah, Raphael doesn’t do much except swim and shy away from my camera. 😛 A cat would have definitely been more fun.

      Working on taking pics of the neighbourhood!

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