Me & a couple of my Girlies at Six Flags

Me & a couple of my Girlies at Six Flags

Today marks my eight month anniversary of being in Mexico. As I’ve been a little behind with the blog posts, I thought I’d do a quick fire update about what’s happening in my life. 🙂

Anticipating: The inevitable uprising from the election results. It looks like Enrique Peña Nieto, Señor PRI, is going to be Mexico’s new President and people here are not happy with trusting a man who’s been accused of theft, lies, corruption, murder, and wife-beating to look after their country. Protests from the YoSoy132 crowd and AMLO’s supporters had already started today and time will only tell what else we’re to expect. 52% of the population of D.F. voted for AMLO while an overwhelming part of the country seems to have backed up EPN. Many young, ideaistic, politically-active students voted for AMLO; The majority of the country’s population up North don’t like what Calderon did with the War on Drugs and saw themselves as having a better life with PRI in the past so voted for them again; And then a lot of people who really don’t like AMLO and his attitude voted PRI as a vote against AMLO rather than *for* EPN. A lot of my students admitted to doing that. Time will tell what’ll happen now.

Reading: I’ve been taking my time with this one but the book I’m currently reading is called Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen . Loewen takes a look at the most popular American History textbooks in the States and examines how accurate they are when compared to actual historical records. It’s a really fascinating read but also a scary one. It makes me worry about the American school system and I’m definitely beginning to understand why so many people choose to homeschool. If you’re an American, I’d definitely get round to picking this up. You might learn a thing or two, and there’s never any excuse for ignorance.

Watching: I’ve been working my way through Jerry Lewis’ (my absolute favourite comedian EVER) filmography lately. Now that July is here, I’m just starting on his solo work with The Delicate Delinquent after already watching all the Martin & Lewis films and every episode of The Colgate Comedy Hour they hosted together.

Listening to: I discovered Paloma Faith recently. There’s something edgy about her voice that I really like, though I’ve only been streaming her – I haven’t downloaded anything yet. I also can’t get enough Papercranes in my life and have recently downloaded a bunch of Dean Martin songs to go on my iPod. 🙂

Planning: Nothing set in stone but there may be a special secret trip I’ll be making out of Mexico to a new part of the world next year … just for a weekend. I’m not going to say too much at the moment but if it does happen, I’ll just explode with excitement.

Working on: My Spanish! I’m set to start Spanish classes next week (woohoo!) now that my new teaching schedule allows it. The lack of ability to talk to people is driving me up the wall so I’m really looking forward to getting proper lessons and improving.

Wishing: Everyone stays safe here. A lot of marches and protests are occurring and, so far, everything’s been peaceful – no laws have been broken. I hope things stay this way and the government are able to listen to their people without resorting to violence.

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