Welcome to the Neighbourhood


So, this is it. Here I am.

After months of little travel stories from the number of places I got to visit at the end of 2011, I’m now at a stop.

As of the beginning of 2012, I found a flat and a job and moved to Mexico City.

I live here now!

While I do still have some stories to tell about my trip to California, I’m now set amongst a backdrop of smoggy air, lunatic traffic, corn tortillas that make me ill, and national holidays every other day.


The more I learn about Mexican culture, the more I want to write about it so hopefully this means there’ll be a change of pace in my blogging. Perhaps we’ll see more frequent posts rather than the random once-a-week nuggets I’ve been throwing out there.

Now’s also probably the best time to start writing about life as a Mex-pat too.

For one thing, life in D.F. didn’t get off to the best start: I got food poisoning on Christmas Day and, one week later, came down with a horrible chest infection. On top of that, I hadn’t taken a shine to this city the way I thought I would. By the end of January, I was ready to throw in the towel and head down south again to Chiapas.

But, now, five months into living here, I’m actually kind of, sort of, beginning to like it here. It’s still not my favourite place in Mexico and I do have kind of a love-hate relationship with it, but I’m learning to embrace and see the best things about my strange new life and enjoy it while I’m here.

I’d been thinking so much about the where to go next, what to see, what’s happening with my future aspects that I forgot to just put a halt on my brain and take each day as it comes and really love everything that’s surrounding me … After all, I waited over a year to get here; I should at least make the most out of it.

So, okay, tiny little blog, prepare yourself for the trials and tribulations of life in Mexico City: my favourite things; my pet peeves; life as a vegetarian; living with Mexican boys; being a TEFL teacher; everything!

While I can’t promise it’ll be as entertaining as Sally’s or Sara’s, I’ll try to continue writing this blog with enough honesty and fun as I always do and – hopefully – give you pieces of my life that you can have a good ol’ giggle about. 🙂

Frida & Diego make me feel welcome.

Frida & Diego make me feel welcome.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Neighbourhood

  1. Can’t wait to hear more regular updates from you. I’ve never been to Mexico City and I have learned that each region is completely different from one another.

  2. Do ALL corn tortillas make you sick, or just some of them? I’m glad you’re starting to like where you’re at, and I can’t wait to see what you talk about next!

    • Unfortunately ALL corn tortillas make me sick now. I used to love them and eat them every day but after I got really ill with food poisoning and a chest infection over Dec/Jan, I would walk past the street vendors smelling nothing but corn tortillas. Now whenever I smell them I remember being ill and genuinely can’t stomach them. 😦 It’s a shame.

  3. I lived in Mexico City in 2009 and LOVED it. It’s on top of my list of favorite places I’ve lived in. But I agree, my stomach didn’t thank me for all my street taco eating ways! 😛

    • Haha. I tend to avoid a lot of street food because of that reason – plus I’m a vegetarian so none of it is exactly friendly towards my diet. 😛

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  6. Hi Ceri:)
    So you´re residing here in México indefinitely? great for you:)
    Welcome, it´s very nice to find foreigners from so different cultures appreciate our country and want to make a life here, hope your stay be always pleaseant and full of opportunities, and yes I sure want to read a lot of more articles of yours about México, it´s always interesting to see México through the eyes of a foreigner, specially from someone from a very different culture like a Brit, greetings and have a nice day:)

    • Thanks, xochitl. I lived in Mexico for a year and a half and left 2 years ago but I definitely intend to return eventually. I love Mexico too much to leave for too long. 🙂

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